Your child will be mentored by an experienced team of professional writers - who know how inspire creativity and turn your child's creative ideas into stories. 

Your creative child will be grouped with awesome, inspiring, kids who are just like them. Kids who are dying to share their silly, exciting, adventurous stories - but can't quite do it alone.


Pioneered at Yale University, and developed by Hollywood storytellers, Written Out Loud is the revolutionary new afterschool program that has transformed kids who love Harry Potter and Hamilton into joyful creative writers.

Written Out Loud combines inspiring group brainstorming sessions with individual writing missions. Your child’s individual writing skill will grow by leaps and bounds. And so will their courage, collaborative spirit, and empathy.

Every storyteller in our program can become a published author in a matter of months. Your child will complete their first book by April break. Written Out Loud is the perfect winter activity for your creative child. Register now - by themselves or with a creative friend! Our winter cohort starts the week of January 4th!


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Save Your Storyteller's Seat in a Writers' Room

This program is $179/mo. You can cancel at any time (but you won't want to).

What if your child could look back on the pandemic and say,

"That's when I wrote my first book!"

"That's when I wrote my first book!"

Over 300 creative kids 
have become published 
authors in our program - by creating their stories together.